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Jonathan Creek is written by David Renwick a man well known for his writing skills. He has written One Foot In The Grave, a comedy which has won him more awards than he's had hot dinners! As well as more serious television drama in the shape of Poirot.

Thus Jonathan Creek is a melding of the two, mostly murder mystery but with a bit of comedy thrown in. The first series was five episodes long, and ran from 10 May to 7 June 1997 on BBC1 in the UK. The BBC commissioned a second series of the show even before the first season had aired. There have been four seasons, and two Christmas specials so far.

Jonathan Creek is the name of the central character of the show. He is an inventor of magic tricks which his boss, Adam Klaus, performs.

Jonathan envariably gets pulled into mystery's by various means. For the first three seasons, it was through Maddy Magellan a fiesty journalist played by Caroline Quentin. A Christmas special and season four saw Julia Sawalha take on the role of Carla Borrego when Caroline Quentin took time off to start a family.

Five years have passed since Jonathan Creek was last on the air, and we will be getting a new Christmas Special called the Grinning Man in 2008.

Last updated August 2008.