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Fan fiction > Poison Ivy

by Alexandra Hoyle

Based on the characters created by David Renwick. No copyright infringement is intended. I am really sorry if people get offended by the one bad word in my story, I don't mean to but it makes Maddy's character fit. Thank you very much.

Rebecca Smith and her mother Margaret had just got back from holiday in Cyprus. Shortly after Rebecca's 14th Birthday, on Thursday 5th February, Rebecca's mother had a stroke. Rebecca ran to the phone and dialled the emergency services (999) and she said, "my mum has just collapsed and I am really scared please help it could be a stroke." After Rebecca had told the ambulance service her address the ambulance came straight away.

After a few days of being in hospital, Rebecca's mum was making quite good progress but the doctor came in for her daily check-up and he found her laying there with her eyes open.

Rebecca didn't know any of this because she was in the waiting room waiting to see her mum. The doctors were sure that it was a heart attack at first but when they examined her more closely they found blood stains and a small puncture wound leading through her ribcage and into her right lung.

The doctors didn't know how she could have had the puncture wound in her because there were no sharp objects in the room. Worst of all, the doctors didn't know how to explain this matter to Rebecca. Dr McBride thought it would be a good idea to give Maddy Magellan a call. She was a good friend of St. Mary's hospital in Paddington. She had dealt with these sort of matters before.

She was sitting at her computer, writing, when the phone rang. It rang for about 5 or 6 times. "OK, OK," she shouted and wheeled back on her swivel chair, holding some notes, looking at them. She felt for the phone, picked it up and said, "Hello."

"Hello, Maddy? This is Douglas McBride from St. Mary's hospital. We were wondering if you and that Jonathan Creek bloke you work with could come down here."

"What for? I'm really quite busy." She took her glasses off and chewed the end, lost in her papers.

"I can't talk now but, believe me, it's an emergency. Please come. A.S.A.P., hopefully, now." McBride said.

"OK, I'll give Jonathan a ring and we'll be there soon." She put the phone down and bit one side of her lip. She rang Jonathan.

Jonathan was eating some leftovers. Beans on toast. Jonathan picked up the phone with a mouth full of beans and he said, "Hello?"

"Hi, Jonathan, it's Maddy. Douglas McBride wants to see us down at St. Mary's."

"Why?" asked Jonathan.

"I don't know," said Maddy. "All he said was it was an emergency, so I'll come and pick you up and then we'll go. OK?"

She turned her computer off and went and collected Jonathan. They made their way to the hospital, parked up and hurried in. They went over to the information desk.

"Could you tell me where I could find doctor McBride, please?" Maddy asked the woman behind the counter.

"Are you Maddy Magellan?" asked the receptionist.


"The doctor has been expecting you. Wait here and I'll get him for you."

"Thank you" said Maddy.

A few minutes later the receptionist came back with the doctor who said, "You see that girl over there?" pointing at Rebecca, "well, she kind of lost her mother today but she doesn't know."

"Well why didn't you tell her? Bloody hell Doug"

"We didn't because... well, I don't know but, please, can you tell her?"

"But I can't I don't even know her," said Maddy.

"Please Mad for me?" the doctor said.

"Oh all right, the things I do for you Doug, honestly" she replied sighing.

Maddy, Jonathan and the doctor went up to Rebecca. Maddy bent down and said, "Hi, Rebecca, you may not know me but the doctor has told me all about you and your mum. I'm afraid I have some alarming news about your mum, in fact that's why I'm here. You see your mother died this afternoon."

Rebecca started to cry . Maddy put both her hands up and held Rebecca's. Then Maddy said in a soft voice, "Rebecca, I know what you must be going through but you see even if you don't feel strong you must try to be brave, OK?"

"OK," said Rebecca, wiping away a tear that had trickled down her face.

Maddy stood, "Do you think she'll be all right?" she asked McBride.

"Yes, I think she'll cope. She's a big girl now, just turned 14," he replied.

"You know, I'm not so sure. I mean when I was 16 I lost my mum she electrocuted her self with an iron wire, and I never even knew my Dad, for all I know he could have been a murderer,"

"Maddy, Maddy." Jonathan said clicking his fingers.

"Oh," she said, "sorry I got loss...." her words trailed off, "what? WHAT?" she said staring back at Jonathan.

"It just that, you never told me that." He said.

"Well, you never asked," she said, proud that she had got one up on him.

They were making their way to the ward Rebecca's mother was in. Rebecca ran up to the doctor and said, "Doctor one more thing before I go and sit back down; how did my mother die?"

"Well, I'm not actually sure. I thought it was a heart attack but now I'm having second thoughts because I found a puncture wound in her right lung."

"Thank you," said Rebecca, and she went and sat back down in the waiting area.

"Hells teeth! Why didn't you tell me that on the phone?" asked Maddy.

"I didn't tell you because it was urgent. I was going to tell you but there was another casualty and I was needed in ward 6. Now we are going to ward 4, where Margaret Smith is," said McBride.

"Well, if you're a doctor, then why did you need me? And Maddy?"

They went in to the lift as McBride replied, "Well we weren't sure if it was a murder or a suicide. Maddy told me all about you and how you've worked out crimes before."

Jonathan glared at Maddy. Maddy looked back at Jonathan and gave him a cheeky grin, "Well I had to tell him something about you, didn't I?"

At that moment the lift stopped. They went out, Maddy and Jonathan followed the doctor. They got to the room where Rebecca's mother was. There was a nurse who had been outside the room since Margaret had come in. "Go through, the nurses have been waiting for you." She said to McBride. She looked at Jonathan and Maddy, "Excuse me, we do not allow visitors."

"It's all right, Nicole, they're with me," said McBride.

The nurse said, "Well, go straight through then."

They all went through and the nurse stayed on guard, where she had been for two days. While they were in the room the doctors did some tests on Margaret. One of the nurses went up to the doctor and said, "Doctor we have found traces of poison in her blood stream and the buzzer wire that she is supposed to buzz has been cut."

"What type of poison? Where from?" asked McBride.

"We're not sure but we think that it must have came from a needle judging by the size of the hole we found."

While all this was going on, Jonathan was crawling around on the floor, trying to see if he could find anything that could indicate to the murder.

"I had better go and wait with Rebecca, you know like, to keep her company." she said.

Just as Maddy was going through the door, Jonathan said, "Hang on. Found something." Maddy stopped and turned round. Every one looked at Jonathan. "Could you hand me a hanky or a tissue?" he asked. The doctor handed Jonathan a tissue, then Jonathan picked up a small needle with blood on it.

"Well, there's your weapon, or something along the lines of one," McBride commented. McBride, Maddy and Jonathan all walked out of the room and the nurse who was guarding the room said in a sly voice, "Did you find any thing?"

"Actually, we did," said McBride.

"Anyway, see you soon."

"Yes, very soon," Jonathan said.

They walked past, and the nurse's face went blank. When they went in the lift, and McBride turned to Maddy, "I've been meaning to ask you but I haven't had the time," he took a breath, "you know we've been friends for years?"

"Yes." Maddy said in a doubtful voice.

"Well, could you put her up, just for a few days? Just until I find an adoption agency?"


"What can I say but its a good job I tidied my house over the weekend." Maddy said.

"You call that tidy-?" he stopped, but Maddy knew what he said.

"Pardon what did you say? I didn't quite here you the first time."


"So you'll do it. Thanks, Maddy, you're an angel. I could kiss you." McBride said.

"Now, Douglas, don't go too far," and she took a step backwards.

"Her an angel? You obviously don't know her very well , you must-" Jonathan stopped, Maddy was giving him the evil eye.

"You're lucky you're standing on the other side of the lift" she said.

Jonathan knew she meant that, so he kept quiet.

"We're nearly at the bottom floor so shshshshsh. You don't want to give Rebecca a bad impression of your self, do you, now?"

They both went quiet and the lift stopped and they stepped out. Maddy went up to Rebecca and said, "Come on, you're coming to stay with me for a few days, just until the doctor can find someone for you to stay with permanently."

"WHAT?, but I don't even know you." said Rebecca.

"Its only for a few days, and there's always time to get to know each other," said Maddy.

They told the receptionist at the desk they were taking Rebecca. She said, "That's fine with me, as long as the doctor said it's OK." Maddy, Jonathan and Rebecca all went out and went to the car. Maddy started to drive, then she said to Jonathan, "Well, that explains it, then."

"It explains nothing" and he looked at Maddy.

"What? WHAT?" said Maddy.

"Well, take the nurse for starters, you don't just call a nurse by their first name."

"So what?" she said.

"Don't you get it? Douglas and the nurse."

"What Dougie, you go get em boy," she said with a big smile on her face, "NOOOO that's not what I meant..... Oh never mind" the grin soon went and she said, "well what then?"

"I'll explain all when we get to your place, I am still thinking, I can't quite put it together yet."

When they got to Maddy's house there was a message on the answer machine. It was McBride. "Maddy, I know you have just left the hospital, and I'm really sorry to bother you, but when you hear this message, can you come back here quickly?"

They all got back into the car and drove back to the hospital. When they got there, they found police were there. They went up to the 4th floor. They found Nurse Nicole on the floor screaming and wriggling as if she was having a fit. The doctors were trying to calm her down. Jonathan said to the police, "Could you bring the nurse in so that Maddy and I could have a word with her in private?"

One of the police said to two other policemen, "Bring her through here."

When they were in the room, Jonathan said to the police man, "Doctor McBride can come through, as well."

The police man looked out of the door and said to McBride, "Can you come through, doctor, and give the nurse something to calm her down because she is still jumpy." McBride sat down. Then Maddy said to the police man, "Would it be possible for you to lock the door?"

"Maddy, what is this? Why do you need to lock the door?" McBride asked.

"Why do you think?" asked Jonathan.

"Well," said the doctor, "I don't know."

Then the nurse said, "I know. They think we did it, Douglas its over, we knew that it wasn't going to stay secret for ever."

"Maybe. You know the needle I found with blood on it? That substance was blood. And doctor, why didn't you say any thing more about the poisons? This is what I think happened you poisoned Mrs Smith didn't you?" said Jonathan.

"No you've made a mistake you've got the wrong guy, I am a trained professional doctor!" said McBride.

"Late one night, Margaret asked the nurse for some water. There was some water in a jug outside her room because I saw it. The nurse poured her out some water and took it in to her but what she didn't know was that it was contaminated with sleeping powder. She gave it to her to drink and that's how the plan was supposed to work. But the stab wound was done by the person we all least expected, it was Doctor McBride. Of course every thing was done by him. The stabbing was done in the morning, when he went in to check up on her. He got a needle filled with poison, then stuck it in her."

McBride went for a needle that was laying on the side and he said "you were wrong Nicola, its not all over" he got the syringe and stuck it in Nicola's leg, she screamed and then fainted, everyone that was waiting outside the room could hear crashes on the floor. The police got some handcuffs and put them on McBride then took him out to the police car and put him in it.

Maddy, Jonathan and Rebecca all followed. McBride started laughing and said, "when I'm out of the nick I'll come back and do the lot of you," as they went past.

When they got to Maddy's house Maddy said, "What a complete and utter bastard, Why would he want to kill her? I thought I knew him better then that."

"People sometimes go like that, he was a very troubled man, he was probably abused as a kid or something, or maybe he was attention seeking, I don't think anyone will ever know," replied Jonathan.

Maddy said, "He was one of my good friends, all through college."

It was quite late in the day and Rebecca was getting quite tired and so was Maddy. Jonathan said, "I had better call a taxi." He got his mobile out and said "unless?" he looked at Maddy.

"Oh sod off.... Nooooo" she said with a sigh, "I thought my house wasn't tidy enough, go on then."

In the middle of the night Rebecca woke up and knocked on Maddy's bedroom door. Maddy was just dozing off. Rebecca's knocking startled her because she was always used to being on her own. She said, "Come in." she rolled over and turned on the lamp, Rebecca came in slowly and sat on Maddy's bed. Rebecca said, "I can't stop thinking about my mum, I keep thinking what it would be like if she was still here." A tear trickled down her face.

"I know what you're going through. I've been where you are now. I was 16 when my mum died." Maddy gave Rebecca a hug.

"I know I have to get over it." Rebecca said wiping her eyes, "how long did it take you to get over it"

"I don't think you ever do," Maddy said.

Rebecca said "thanks for everything Maddy, I had better go to bed. It's late." Rebecca went out and closed the door.

Maddy turned the lamp off and thought for a second and then went back to sleep. The next morning, Rebecca and Maddy both got up quite late. Maddy said, "Did you have a nice night?"

"Yes, thank you," Rebecca replied as she yawned. They got dressed and Jonathan was on the computer playing a game, she gave him a start as she said "excuse me Jonathan, that's for work"

"You're up then?" he said turning off the computer. They got their coats on and made their way to the Hospital to get prepared for the funeral.

Rebecca said, "My mother said that she had the documents if she died and that they are at my house. She has the money and everything ready so all I have to do is get all the food ready." After they had been to the Hospital they went to a hall and got the food ready for the people that afternoon. At about 1.35pm six very smartly dressed men walked in the church with the coffin and placed it at the top. After the procession the men carried the coffin out and placed it into the hearse. All three of them went in Maddy's car then they went to the cemetery it was terrible weather for the funeral, but possibly some people would disagree and think this was the perfect weather for the occasion.

When they got home they all had a cup of tea and sat around the table. Rebecca said, "You know, I won't be able to go because I have no one to live with and I don't want to be an orphan so please let me live with you." She spoke rather fast possibly quite frightened at the thought. Maddy looked at Jonathan and Jonathan said, "Go on, you tell her." Maddy said, "I was thinking about that, too. You can stay, and maybe even help us with the mystery's if you like. Welcome to the team."

The End

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