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Quiz about season 3

1) What was the name of type of gun used to 'stun' and kill the man who was after Lenny Spearfish?

2) What did Lenny Spearfish find in his garden to make him a millionnaire?

3) Who kills Andre Masson?

4) Where does the pivotal CD holding the key to the killing of Andre Masson get found?

5) Where does Jonathan Creek donate the money he recieves from the America Military for solving the case of 'The Omega Man' to?

6) What is the name of the type of 'skeleton' that Maddy discovers thanks to Professor Graumann?

7) What is the name of the Ghost writer who used to live at Ghost's Forge?

8) Who wrote in the Macclesfield echo, Why anyone watches this is beyone me about the Adam Klaus show?

9) In which paper does Jacqui Jordan appear, revealing all her secrets about affairs with MP's from years gone by?

10) What does Jonathan find Christine sitting in a bath of, in an attempt to turn him on?

11) What is the name of the spooky countryside cottage where Frank Geiger was killed?

12) What is the card that Jonathan uses to save Maddy's life and end that of the fake policeman 'Derek Spratley'?

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